Past Projects

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Conversion of industry standard share tapes.

Custom program to convert data from industry standard ‘Share Tapes’ from printer / display format to table format. Convert into consistent fields, split combined data elements, program logic to identify data field contents, determine foreign versus domestic records and position output fields within a consistent database.

Perform live conversion at client's location in front of representatives from Prosecution, Defense and Court personnel.

Duplicate 9-track tapes, QIC cartridges and Diskettes to CD ROM live for witnesses.

Manually repair damaged tape files.

Read in raw 9-track tape data. Split into files. Insert end-of-record marks. Developed a program to pad short tape blocks to retain original tape data alignment.

Reformat multiple files into client's in-house format.

Translate Codes into full text, reformat date & numeric fields, and standardize output field structure.

Convert old GE CT scan files stored on 9-track tapes into modern CT format.

Read in raw medical tape data. Split raw data file into individual files. Find a solution to convert very old GE CT scan files into modern CT format for animal brain study.

Custom demographic selections and pivot table creation.

Read in and convert millions of data records from CMS. Perform custom demographic selections and merge into custom Access database.

Veterinary Practice Management software conversion.

Read in data from backup tapes created from various Veterinary Practice Management software formats. Analyze raw tape data from these unsupported formats. Extract target data from various tables to create tab-delimited text files containing all customer, patient, invoice, payment and vaccination data required for import into a different Veterinary software application.

Broke down formats including VPM, AVS, VBOS and Cornerstone.

Convert satellite tape data from NASA Heat Capacity Mapping Mission (HCMM).

Convert satellite tape data with Heat Capacity Mapping Mission (HCMM) images. Data converted from binary sequential (BSQ) to TIFF image format. Created accompanying information files. Only limited documentation was available regarding source tape format. Performed hours of analysis to ascertain the structure, stored numeric values and the information required for the support files such as the Orbit number, Longitude, Latitude, image center pixel etc.

Convert 3480 cartridges. Translate COBOL variable record type structure and unpack compressed data fields.

This process involved analysis and conversion of hundreds of packed fields from UNISYS non-boundary aligned “COMP” fields. Split variable record types into separate tables each with custom packed data fields in differing structures.

Repair previously optically scanned documents.

Convert files from optically scanned pages to delimited text for import into ACT!

Standardize records, split combined fields and create database of individual records. Custom programming to logically replace incorrectly interpreted characters from previous OCR conversion.

Convert legacy database.

Extract field information from system support file and apply to secondary dat files. Analyze system files and write VB program to extract and convert data fields. Apply this structure to flat files and output into Excel format.

Translate 400+ field structure and unpack compressed data fields.

Setup for unpacking compressed fields for record with over 400 fields. Split each record into two halves each with unique identifier and create two Excel spreadsheets, thus allowing more than the 255 fields into Excel.

Convert mortgage data from multiple source companies.

Convert mortgage data from various sources. Read data from various tape formats, converted from many different file formats. These included Variable record types with packed data fields, individual packed data files, straight EBCDIC and straight ASCII.

Space Shuttle tape duplication and repair.

Duplicate Space Shuttle tapes. Read beyond damaged tape areas. Pad short tape blocks to allow processing damaged tapes which had been inaccessible for years.

Full tape library conversion.

Convert full tape library to CD and DVD. More than 1,200 9-track tapes written over 30 years from different operating systems and backup methods. Tasks included conversion from 36-bit to 32-bit data storage. Tape processing included unlabeled, IBM / ANSI labeled, TAR / CPIO, VAX / VMS Backup / Saveset, custom undocumented backup and various types of Binary formats.

Automated process to open and convert groups of related files.

Custom program to open groups of files such as individual email messages, extract and reformat data and output into custom databases.

Dozens of custom one-time programs to convert specific data sets or files.

Each program is written to perform specific conversion of unique source data. Although the program may not be reusable, functions within can and are reused in other projects.

Custom Applications

Custom program "Hex Analyzer"

View data in ASCII, EBCDIC or binary. Define data fields and convert them various ways such as COMP-3, Zoned decimal, EBCDIC to ASCII, -128 (WordStar), BCD, Floating point, reverse endian and many types of Binary definitions. Read and write COBOL and Nova Exchange scripts.

Custom program "Table Viewer"

Use and create stored field layouts based on record length of opened ASCII files. Scans for field names, allows setting field start and end points, advances records or groups of records.

Custom program "Padder"

Pads dumped tape data with damaged or short tape blocks. Forces correct alignment of fixed data, backup formats and variable internally labeled tape files.

Custom program "EZ TAR"

Extracts files / folders from TAR archives. Prevents illegal file / folder names, deals with long and file names. Also works with damaged archives, which have been block padded for appropriate alignment.

Custom program "FileSplitter"

Program to split large files into series of smaller files based on required number or records, bytes or files.

Custom program "Hex Analyzer"

Move through raw files and realign data as needed. Can view in different bit sizes such as 8-bit, 10-bit, 32-bit and 36-bit, reverse endian, swap bytes and convert floating point and binary fields of many styles, offset bytes / bits and set viewing chunk / record size. Also previews EBCDIC, ASCII, BCD, -128 and others.

Custom program "Table Delimiter"

Works with Table Viewer to create custom output in dBase, flat ASCII / EBCDIC and delimited with any character. Also can perform insertion of custom record marks.

Custom program "DupeSplit"

Split duped tape data and processes into data files based on internal tape labeling or create sequentially named logical tape files. Can also convert EBCDIC to ASCII on the fly with various record mark choices.

Custom program "Saveset Extract"

Extracts files / folders from VAX / VMS archives. Prevents illegal file / folder names. Also works with damaged archives, which have been block padded for appropriate alignment.

Custom program "Concatenate"

Program to combine grouped files into single large file. Works with binary data as well as EBCDIC or ASCII text data.


Tools and Formats Used

  • Power Basic
  • Visual Basic
  • Access
  • ACT!
  • Excel
  • FileMaker
  • FrontPage
  • HTML
  • Internet Explorer
  • Lotus 123
  • MultiMate
  • NovaExchange
  • Outlook Express
  • QuickBooks
  • Word
  • Word Perfect
  • WordStar
  • And others
  • Numeric
  • 36-bit Floating point numbers
  • 64-bit Floating point numbers
  • Binary various bits
  • Binary various powers
  • Big Endian
  • Little endian
  • Byte swap
  • -128
  • TAR
  • CPIO
  • VMS Saveset
  • VMS Backup
  • AS/400 Objects
  • Windows backup
  • Iomega backup
  • Conner Backup
  • BCD
  • COBOL packed
  • COMP
  • COMP-3
  • Zoned decimal
  • Binary
  • 36-bit operating system (Honeywell)
  • 32-bit Floating point
  • Veterinary Practice Management (VPM)
  • AVS
  • VBOS
  • Cornerstone
  • DB2
  • Sequel
  • DOS
  • Windows
  • Macintosh
  • DEC system
  • UNIX system
  • VAX / VMS system
  • IBM
  • TIFF
  • BMP
  • JPEG
  • Many legacy formats
  • Many custom formats

Equipment Used

  • 4MM DDS-1
  • 4MM DDS-2
  • 4MM DDS-3
  • 4MM DDS-4
  • 8MM 8200
  • 8MM 8500
  • 8MM 8505
  • 8MM Mammoth 1
  • 9-track 800 BPI
  • 9-track 1600 BPI
  • 9-track 3200 BPI
  • 9-track 6250 BPI
  • QIC up to 1.2 GB
  • 3480 18 track
  • 3490 18 track
  • 18 track with EDRC / IDRC compression
  • 3490E 36 track
  • 3490E 36 track with EDRC / IDRC compression
  • Iomega ZIP
  • LS-120
  • 3 1/2″ LD Floppy PC 720 K
  • 3 1/2″ HD Floppy PC 1.44 MB
  • 3 1/2″ HD Floppy MAC 1.4 MB
  • 5 1/4″ LD Floppy PC 360 K
  • 5 1/4″ HD Floppy PC 1.2 MB
  • CD ROM
  • DVD R
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