Data Conversion Services

Data conversion services include:

  • Custom Database Manipulation
  • Data Conversion Between Applications
  • Programming Services
  • Recover Data From Legacy Applications
  • Translate Cobol Formats
  • Custom Reports

We offer a wide selection of text and software formats:

  • Access
  • Act!
  • Dbase
  • Excel
  • Filemaker Pro
  • FoxPro
  • Lotus
  • Fixed Format (Flat File – SDF)
  • Delimited Format
  • Word
  • WordPerfect
  • And many more

Custom Database Conversion

We will structure your database to your exacting requirements.

Many companies have very specific requirements for the structure of their data. We will add, drop, combine, split and re-format fields to meet your exact needs.

Database options include:

Add New Fields, Pad Fields With Specific Information, Combine Fields, Split Fields, Change Case, Re-format Date and Numeric Fields, Translate Packed Decimal, Process Variable Record File Formats, Transfer Binary Data into Text, Relational Databases.

Delimiting Explained

Data is often stored in fixed field format. For example, the First Name field may allow up to 20 characters. The first name “John” would be followed by 16 spaces to fill it out to the length of 20. This method causes all First Names, Address, Cities etc. to begin in a certain position within each record. An application using this data can “grab” the first 20 characters of the record as the “First Name” field, then grab the next character as the “Middle Initial” field, then 30 characters for the “Last Name” field and so on.

Delimiting is a means of file compression. Data stored in fixed length fields contains many spaces. Removing these spaces makes the file significantly smaller. Delimiting basically removes the trailing spaces from each field and replaces them with a delimiting character such as a comma, tab or pipe symbol. In order for the program reading in the delimited file to know where each new field begins a delimiting character is placed between fields. The delimiting character is normally meant to be a character that would not typically be part of the data within each field. When the application scans the file, it knows when it encounters the delimiting character that a new field has begun. Since commas are often part on the data (123 main St., Suite 100) quotes are often used to “encapsulate” each field (“123 Main St., Suite 100”). This way, the scanning application knows that the comma between the encapsulaters is part of the data and not a new field beginning.

Any character can be used to delimit a file, however most applications which import delimited files look for commas, tabs or pipe characters.

We can delimit your file using any character you request.

Comma-quote delimited:

  • “123 Main Street”,”My City”,”CA”,”99999″
  • Comma delimited:
  • 123 Main Street,My City,CA,99999
  • Tab delimited: (* represents the tab character)
  • 123 Main Street*My City*CA*99999
  • Pipe delimited:
  • 123 Main Street|My City|CA|99999

File Structuring Options

We offer a wide array of options allowing us to re-structure data from other sources to meet your exact in-house requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Data is ready to upload directly into your system without further handling.
  • Free up MIS / IT staff for other important tasks.
  • Saves time and expense.


At Data Conversion Resource we specialize in converting outsource data into specific field requirements. Once we have set up your format (s), we can convert your incoming data into your exact requirements. We can output the data into a large variety of software and media formats.

  • Date and Numeric Fields: We convert date & numeric fields to meet your specifications. This includes translating packed decimal.
  • Splitting or Combining Fields: We split or combine fields (City, State ZIP – Last Name, First Middle etc…) into separate database columns.
  • Binary to Text: Expand binary (Yes/No – 0/1) demographic information into descriptive text.
  • Other: Insert or remove fields – record counters – pad information, etc…

Other Data Conversion Services

We offer programming services to meet your individual situation.

  • Data Analysis
  • Custom Reporting
  • Project Management
  • Mail Merge / Purge

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